About Portugal Mobi Summit

Mobility 2030
The paradigm is changing, are we?

After an extremely challenging year in 2020, where Portugal Mobi Summit affirmed itself as a major international event on the debate regarding the main themes about sustainable mobility, counting with the presence of speakers and audience from many different countries, in 2021 we want to strengthen the reach of the event by diversifying themes, audiences and content.

The world stands at the cusp of a dramatic crisis and a “business as usual” approach will not get us to where we need to be. Our economic order, our way of life, is materially expansive, socially divisive, and environmentally hostile. This puts the responsibility on all of us - governments, private companies, and civic entities.

The pressures on urban areas will be particularly great as by 2050 another 2,5 billion people will be living in cities, amounting to two-thirds of the world population. As the UN general secretary, António Guterres says: "Cities are where the climate battle will largely be won or lost". The challenge is vast, and decarbonizing cities must be a key goal. It involves rethinking our mobility infrastructures and energy systems. It means setting the focus on creating a more circular economy, and redesigning our built fabric so that it is more sustainable. In the last 4 years, the Portugal Mobi Summit has aimed at contributing to positive change, by helping to shift our mindset towards a more ecocentric worldview.

We have done this by bringing together inspirational speakers from all around the world, from wherever disruptive and creative thinking is making a difference. This year, the Portugal Mobi Summit will highlight how we move from ideas to action. How to plan for a decarbonized city, how to boost energy transition in private and public transportation, how to make the most of the micro-mobility hype, how to reconceive airports and railways, and how individual day to day decisions are crucial to making this happen.

Smart city tools and data science will help us monitor our behaviour, but it all comes down to changing personal choices.

During the 20th, 21st and 22nd of October, in a virtual environment, this major summit will once again gather in Cascais a vast panel of national and international speakers and guests. Three days of debates where we put together experts in the fields of sustainable mobility, smart cities, energetic transition, digital transition, innovation together with public transportation policies and urban planning. The PMS 2021 it’s an initiative of the Global Media Group and EDP, in partnership with Via Verde, Volvo, Fidelidade, CEiiA and the Cascais Town Hall, where the main media outlets of the Global Media Group – Diário de Notícias, Dinheiro Vivo, Jornal de Notícias, Motor 24 and TSF – will develop content and promote reflection and debate around the major themes of mobility. The PMS 2021 has the High Patronage of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Portugal.

We need to dream and imagine what the future of mobility could be, and the Portugal Mobi Summit is the perfect stage for innovators, and startups to share experiences and disruptive ideas.

It's time to act. Engaging in the Portugal Mobi Summit could be your first step.