PMS2021 Startup of the Year Award
The PMS2021 Startup of the Year Award initiative is part of the Portugal Mobi Summit (PMS) project, whose focus for 2021 will be “Mobility 2030: The paradigm is changing, are we?”. Promoted by Global Media Group in partnership with Startup Portugal, this initiative aims to boost the creation of new solutions for sustainable urban mobility and foster entrepreneurship.



Main Promoter

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Promoter 2 (Optional)

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Promoter 3 (Optional)

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1. Briefly and clearly describe the project, highlighting its innovative character and identifying the reasons why it was created, problems it can solve, and product characteristics. [max 4000]*

2. Analyze the potential of the idea and address the target markets and their size, the market entry strategy, competition, strengths, and weaknesses that can prevent its implementation. [max 2000]*

3. Describe the competitive advantages of the business idea over competing, current, or emerging technologies. [max 2000]*

4. Mention the potential impact of innovation / technology on the competitiveness and economic viability of the project - sales volume, cost reduction, initial investment, sales price, new market segments, increase in added value, etc. [max 2000]*

5. Assess the project’s ability to adapt to eventual changes in context and mention its application potential in other areas. [max 2000]*

6. Identify the involvement and complementarity of the team - promoters, future employees, and partners - in the implementation and development of the project. [max 2000]*

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  • Terms of Commitment
  • The signatory declares on their honour that:
  • They have read, accept and comply without reservation each and every one of the rules and provisions set forth in the PMS2021 Startup Competition Terms & Conditions;
  • The ideas presented in the application process are original and came from the project promoters, and are not subject to any legal and contractual impediment to disclosing them to the organization and the jury, or to apply them in the proposed business;
  • Take responsibility for any claim on intellectual or industrial property, as well as on the misuse of private or restricted information;
  • Will deliver additional information if requested;
  • The proposed deal is lawful;
  • Authorizes the disclosure of information contained in this “Application Form” to institutions and individuals supporting the Portugal Mobi Summit project.

  • Processing of Personal Data
  • The personal data collected in the context of this initiative is intended to allow the management of the participants' involvement in it and communication with the participants for sending information, analysis and processing of applications, for awarding prizes and for promotion in editorial and advertising content.
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