Startup of the Year PMS2020

Terms & Conditions - Portugal Mobi Summit 2020

Startup of the Year PMS2020


The Startup of the Year PMS2020 initiative is part of the Portugal Mobi Summit (PMS) project, whose focus for 2020 will be “Mobility in a Changing World”. It aims to debate and boost knowledge and innovation related to sustainable mobility and all its ramifications, thus fostering entrepreneurship and stimulating the creation of new mobility concepts and solutions.


Article 1º Objective

The Startup of the Year PMS2020 initiative aims to promote the creation of new solutions for sustainable mobility in order to value and transfer knowledge, disseminate scientific and technological culture, and support the innovation and development in this sector.

Article 2º Promoters

The entities promoting the Startup of the Year PMS2020 initiative are Startup Portugal, headquartered at Rua de Salazares, 842, 4100-442 Porto, and the Global Media Group (GMG), headquartered at Rua Tomás da Fonseca, Torre E, 3º, 1600-209 Lisbon, the latter being the organizer of the initiative and owner of the registered trademark “Mobi Summit”.


Article 3º Jury

The Initiative Jury will consist of seven effective elements:
1 Startup Portugal Representative (Jury President)
1 Global Media Group Representative
1 EDP Representative
1 Brisa Representative
1 CEiiA Representative
1 Volkswagen Representative
1 Cascais Municipality Representative

Each entity referred to above must also indicate a substitute element.
The Jury deliberates with total independence and sovereignty, by the majority of the votes of its members, with the President of the Jury having the casting vote.
The Jury can decide, by the majority, not to award the Prize if it considers that the admitted applications do not meet the thematic and/or quality requirements sought. The jury may be assisted by entities/personalities of recognized competence according to the specificities of the applications. Jury members cannot vote for the candidate project in which they have had any direct or indirect participation or collaboration.

Article 4º Recipients

The initiative Startup of the Year PMS2020 intends to support entrepreneurs who develop projects with high growth potential, who bet on innovative products or services that contribute, directly or indirectly, to the improvement of sustainable mobility solutions. Candidates can be collective persons formed less than ten years ago, who are developing projects that can be beneficial to sustainable mobility. Persons related to the staff of the promoters or partners of the initiative are excluded.

Article 5º Context

The projects to be presented may correspond to a new product or service, or a new application of an existing product or service. There is no limit to the theme or field of presentation of the project, however, those that fall into the following areas are valued: Electric, intelligent or sustainable mobility; Micro mobility; Mobility as a service (MaaS); Urban planning; Autonomous vehicles; Smart Cities, 5G and Internet of Things (IoT); Energy and digital transition; Development of digital logistics management tools.

Article 6º Formalization of the Application

Enrolment in the initiative Startup of the Year PMS2020 is free and the application will be formalized through the proper form available on the website The application process consists of: correctly filling in the application form, sharing a curriculum vitae or biography of the candidates, and a video presentation of the project, that must not be longer than 3 minutes. If the candidates consider it convenient, they can also add additional elements that better illustrate/demonstrate the idea. Proposals must be signed by any of the candidates, who will assume all responsibility for participation. If the bidder is a legal person, the proposal will be signed by its legal representative. When submitting the application to the Startup of the Year PMS2020 initiative, candidates assume knowledge and acceptance of the terms of the present Terms & Conditions.

Article 7º Deadline for Applications

Applications must be submitted until midnight on September 20, 2020.

Article 8º Applications Evaluation

The projects will be evaluated by the Jury mentioned in Article 3. The analysis of the projects will take into account the following evaluation criteria:
30% - Degree of innovation and compliance with the initiative's priorities, referred to in Article 5;
20% - Potential of the idea, technical and economic feasibility;
20% - Market and internationalization potential;
20% - Soundness of the idea to eventual changes of context;
10% - Appropriate academic and professional background to the development of the idea and complementarity of competitors and/or future employees.
Until September 21st, the 10 best projects will be pre-selected. They will be promoted through the program "Minuto TSF - Startup do Ano PMS2020" (the content of up to 1'30'' dedicated to each startup), issued in the previously mentioned radio station and with content replicated on the PMS2020 website. The 10 best classified will also have the opportunity to exhibit their projects at PMS 2020, in an area and under conditions to be defined by the event's organizers. The top 10 projects will be invited to perform, in elevator pitch format (3-minute presentations maximum), on the stage of PMS 2020. The Jury’s decision will be taken by majority vote of its members, and must be written in the minutes and then signed by all members. This decision will be final and no complaints or appeals will be considered. The Jury reserves the right not to award the prizes, if it considers that the applications do not meet the outlined criteria.


Article 9º Awards

The winner of the Startup of the Year PMS2020 initiative will be awarded a monetary grant by the Global Media Group in the global amount of 5000 Euros, intended exclusively for the development of this project. Winners must sign an acceptance form containing the conditions for awarding the prize mentioned in this Terms & Conditions document, as well as the agreed work plan and the conditions monitored by the promoters. The top 5 projects will receive an individual ticket for Web Summit 2020, awarded by Startup Portugal. The winner of the Startup of the Year PMS2020 initiative will also be invited to join the EDP Starter Community, a community of which more than 200 startups selected by EDP are part of, who have exclusive access to initiatives such as conferences, talks, sharing opportunities, partnerships, and other opportunities available in the universe of startups. The Prize will be awarded at a Public Ceremony at Portugal Mobi Summit in Carcavelos, with appropriate publicity given by promoters of the Startup do Ano PMS2020 initiative.

Article 10º Responsibilities of Awarded Candidates

The 1º prize is intended exclusively for the development and implementation of the project, and cannot be used without prior authorization from the Organization. The winner of the Startup of the Year PMS2020 initiative undertakes to report every six months to the Organization the evolution of the awarded project, and / or to provide information whenever requested by the Organization as a condition of receiving the prize. The winner of the Startup of the Year PMS2020 initiative also takes responsibility for publicizing the Prize and its image, in all communications made about the awarded project, informing the Organization of such communications in advance. The winners are obliged to communicate any relevant changes to the project and factors that condition its continuity. Winners must also comply with the following obligations: - To not provide false information; - To not violate any third-party contract or rights, including patents and other intellectual property rights or confidential information, within the scope of the project. If the winner of the Startup of the Year PMS2020 initiative does not comply with the provisions outlined above or fails to prove the effective use of the monetary grant for the successful development of the winning project, the candidate must return the allocated amount within 30 days.


Article 11º – Confidentiality

The promoters undertake to maintain the confidentiality of all documents submitted by all the candidates including those who were unsuccessful.

Article 12º - Amendments to the Terms & Conditions

The organization reserves the right, at any time, to change any clause of the present Terms & Conditions document, giving notice of such changes.

Article 13º - General Provisions

Omitted information will be resolved by the President of the Jury. All official information regarding the Startup of the Year PMS2020 initiative will be available at To clarify any doubts and additional questions, please contact us at The application for the Startup do Ano PMS2020 initiative implies full acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.